Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Read this today in The Perfect Love by Ruth Myers and just had to share! (Please Note: None of this is my original writing.. this is all quoted from Myers' book.)

"The steadfast love of the Lord is from everlasting to everlasting on those who fear Him" (Ps. 103:17 RSV).  From everlasting to everlasting

From everlasting, way back before I ever existed, God loved me.  Long before I was born He looked ahead and fastened His affection upon me. His love for me began in His foreknowledge of me. That means He didn't love me because I earned it, for when He decided to love me I did not yet even exist.  His love is not mine because I merit it, for He fastened His love upon me before I ever did one thing good or bad, before I merited anything.

Therefore in the midst of my failure and struggles when I feel so undeserving, I never have to think, Oh dear, does He still love me? He never started loving me in the first place because deserve it. He just loves me. His love for each of us is never rooted in our worthiness, but rather in His own nature.

God is saying to us, "Its not because you earned it or worked so hard for it that I have loved you. I don't continue loving you because you manage to maintain a high enough standard in my eyes. No, I simply made a permanent choice to love you." 

That choice will never change. He loved me from everlasting and will love me to everlasting. His love for me -- and for you -- will never end.

God has always known all things.  Before we were born He already knew the worst about us and nothing that happens now can surprise or disillusion Him. He has never had any illusions about anyone or anything.  He doesn't suddenly discover some truth about one of us and think, "Oh, why did I ever choose to love him or her?"