Thursday, June 5, 2014


For we are God's Masterpiece. He has created us new in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things He planned for us long ago.  Eph 2:10

Did you know that you are God's Masterpiece? You are!  He created you... on purpose. No accident.. no mistake.. He created you with a plan for your life.  How awesome and overwhelming that thought is to me.

As I sat down to dig into this verse earlier in the week, the word MASTERPIECE just really held my attention. I started thinking of things the world considers to be Masterpieces... painting, sculptures, works of literature, embroidery, quilts... these wonderful things that are lovingly created by hand.  Usually the creator plans what he or she wants to create.. pulls together needed supplies.. determines steps.. the creator will work a bit.. step back.. make changes.. and continue on until everything is just right.

That is how God is with us.  He planned us.. knit us together in our Mother's womb (see Ps 139).  You may have been told "You were not planned!".. "You were an accident!".. "We did not expect to have another baby!" .. and those things may be true from your earthly parent's viewpoint, but not your creator's.  Elohim.. our Creator God.. planned when and where you would exist (Acts 17:26). You were no surprise to Him.. nor a mistake or unplanned.

And Eph. 2:10 tells us that not only were we planned, but we were planned with a purpose. God has things for us to do.. good things.

I am a quilter. My favorite quilts to make are for babies. I always make the quilt large enough to use into childhood. I envision it covering a wee babe to keep him warm.. spread out on the floor and covered with toys being used a play mat... being dragged around as a special "blankie" by a toddler. I am great saddened when a mom says "That is too pretty to use. I am going to drape it over the chair in the nursery."  I want to scream "NO!  I worked hard on that.. I planned to out.. and made it nice and durable so it could be used."  And then thing is even if the quilt gets worn spots and stains, that's ok!  It's purpose is to be used and loved.

I think God must feel that way about us too. He did not create us to sit and look pretty.. to soak in His Word and be pretty Christians sitting in church full of piety.  No He created us to be used.. to love others.. to teach, share, serve.. to Go and Do whatever it is He has called us to do. And along the way we will get bumps and bruises.. we will be stained by struggle and strife.. and guess what, out earthly body will wear out... and that is OK!  'Cause the Masterpiece we see right now is perishable, but the true Masterpiece we are is in Heaven.. seated with Jesus.. and one day soon we will shed the perishable for the imperishable and see our Creator face to face. (1 Cor. 15) Until then.. get to work! :-)