Thursday, November 21, 2013

One of a Kind...

We have all heard that we are each unique.. one of a kind.. but do we really believe that? Many of us feel we are normal.. boring.. nothing special. And even if we are convinced that we are different (which we might not see as a good thing) a lot of us don't want to be.. or at least we live as if we don't. We spend a great deal of time, effort and energy trying to be who the world says we should be.. the perfect woman found in the media.. or next door.. or at your gym (where you are working not so much to be healthy, but to make your body be what we are told is acceptable) or even at church.  We are seldom comfortable in our own skin and accepting of who we are.  But here's the thing... those gifts you have, that personality, those skills, quirks, passions etc. are from God and guess what.. the ones you don't have.. well you don't have them because He didn't give them to you. And not because He doesn't love you.. because you don't need them to fulfill the call.. the purpose.. He has for you life.

In our study of Renee Swope's A Confident Heart, she looks at what makes us who we are. The first thing she tackles are personality types.  She references a book called Personality Plus by Florence Littauer (I plan to read this one soon).  In it, Littauer focuses on 4 personality types. Swope summarizes them in her book. I read over them and knew which one I was. I liked some of the traits.. did not care for others. But I felt certain this was me.

Then an online Bible study friend posted a link to a personalty test based on these 4 types...  ( Personality Test ).. I took it.. spot on what I expected. I am Choleric.. I desire CONTROL.  Anyone who knows me more than 10 minutes knows that to be true.  I am not so much desirous of controlling other folks' lives, but I want to control mine and all that is happening around me that effects me. And for some reason God won't let me! (Aren't we all glad of that!?)

Swope also looks at our Spiritual Gifts and there is a link at her sight to take a  Spiritual Gifts Assessment.. I took it.. but I already knew my Spiritual Gifts from assessments I have taken before and from life.  I am a Teacher and Exhorter (Encourager).

One thing Swope did not cover, but it ties in is Gary Chapman's The Five Love Languages.  My husband and I studied that as a young couple with our LifeGroup and it was life changing.  I am full on Words of Affirmation... I need to hear that you love me.. appreciate  me etc. and any negative word.. even the slightest negative tone.. cuts me to the quick.

Now I am not sharing all this so you can know me.. I have a point. As I was pondering this today... I saw the most amazing links.

Choleric's are natural leaders and confident.  Those are 2 qualities that are greatly needed in teaching.  An Exhorter or Encourager uses words of affirmation to lift up others.  See where I am going here? When God planned me.. before beginning of time.. He said.. this one is going to teach others my Word.. and encourage them to know who they are in Christ and to take me at my Word (those are my 2 greatest passions... and they have been struggles for me in the past.. which is part of those Life Experiences Swope talks about that shape us for the tasks at hand.)  So he wired me to be a leader.. to need words of affirmation so that I would appreciate them and give them.  And even the less than great stuff that goes with my personality type plays into it.  One of the relational challenges for a Choleric is Arrogance (Pride!).  I struggle with that one and find that I must stay prayed up in that area. I believe God made me this way knowing it would keep me tied to Him.. keep me in His Word.

It is fascinating to examine ourselves.. to take these tests.. and then to see how God has woven it all together for a purpose.. a calling.  Ps. 139 talks of Him weaving us together in our mother's womb. I think that weaving included more than eye and hair color, height, etc.  I believe it included giftings, talents, personality traits).  There is not one thing about each one of us that is coincidental or accidental.  So the next time you wish you were more like "her", stop and thank God for making you exactly who HE wanted you to be to do what HE has called you to do.


Tonya McCoy ~ P31 OBS Group Leader said...

This is absolutely wonderful Barb! It is so awesome to know I am the way I am because that is exactly how God wants me to be!

Blogger Loves The King said...

Barb such a beautiful job. I really loved the end "There is not one thing about each one of us that is coincidental or accidental. So the next time you wish you were more like "her", stop and thank God for making you exactly who HE wanted you to be to do what HE has called you to do." Thank you so much for sharing. Debbie W. (OBS Facebook Group Leader/Blog Hop Team)